Software engineering and development is growing rapidly as a successful career choice with each passing day. Millions of people are learning coding across the globe with the hopes to find a highly paid job or building their own brand. To find a good job as a software developer needs more than just writing code. GIT is one of such things. If you wanted to make a successful career out of your coding skills, Git or version control could be a huge bonus in your resume. …

Students often face many challenges and confusion while starting with web development. The main issue that we face while starting any new language or framework is the abundance of information. Many students got confused from the myriad of tutorials available and try to get ahead of themselves by jumping straight to coding part while ignoring the fundamentals of the targeted technology. For that reason, I decided to write this article as an introduction to React. I hope that understanding the main idea behind this library will help you grasp the fundamentals of ReactJS.

As defined in its documentation,

React is…

A mural that was defaced in Islamabad — Captured By : Asad Hashim — Banner Source : DawnImages

Have you ever noticed that whenever someone talks about feminism, women’s rights or “Aurat March” in Pakistan, a swarm of so called “Islamists” and “Patriots” start blaming the person for having a western agenda, being anti-islamic and sometimes anti-Pakistani? It’s a sad truth that when it comes to feminism, we are dangerously uneducated. Most people know only one thing about feminism and that is placecards like “Mera Jism, Meri Marzi” or “Apna khana khud garam karo”.

Known in the world as the founder of Pakistan, praised throughout the nation as “Quaid-e-Azam” (the great leader) and acknowledged as a symbol of prestige, Jinnah unified the dispersed and confused masses of Muslims in the subcontinent and turned them into a nation. A nation, with a purpose to fight for their rights and with a motivation to never settle for less than what they deserve. It is quite ironic that once cherished as the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity by Congress’ leaders, Jinnah became the biggest hurdle in Congress’ way to acquire absolute power in Indian politics.

But how could…

Flutter is becoming a very popular tool for cross platform application development. It makes development very precise and simple as compared to native.
In this post, we will learn how to make a custom paint object in flutter and how can we interact with it. Our goal here to interact with the object using 9 different ways. This will help you understand different options you can use in your flutter application for user input.
You can set various responses as a result of these interactions. …

Most of you are quite familiar with Database types, SQL and NoSQL. When it comes to choosing one, A good developer does not take sides of either one but chooses as per the requirements and most efficient way to solve the problem. Today, many IoT solutions are designed using Raspberry Pi. So there must be an ideal DB to store logs and data from all the connected devices.
Let me introduce you to SQLite DB, which, unlike most other SQL databases DOES NOT have a separate server process.
So ? What does that mean ?
It means…

Muhammad Usama

I am a tech enthusiast working with Javascript, flutter, aws, IoT and web development.

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